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Welcome, back. The Ransomware Roundup has been on hiatus because: 2020.

Ransomware Round-Up

A list of this ransomware articles from the last week or so.


Ransomware Tweet of the Week

This tweet shows a video of a printer printing out a ransom demand. Watch the video from @Irlenys on Twitter.


Ooh, look at this.


A Twitter bot with a new approach to naming vulnerabilities. CVE numbers are not human-friendly. Some bug names are ridiculous. (ahem Meltdown.) Read the blog post Vulnonym: Stop the Naming Madness and follow @vulnonym.

Helping abuse.ch if you can

abuse.ch is a one-person operation and the operator is turning to the community for help to keep the project going:

READ Moving Forward

If you are not already familiar, definitely take a look at the abuse.ch projects:


A long read or two.


Be well.